Why Should I Switch To Natural Skincare?

Why Should I Switch To Natural Skincare?

Want to know a secret? I’ve been obsessed with understanding the ingredients in the products I use since I was a little kid reading the back of shampoo bottles. I used to think the skin is a barrier to protect our bodies but truth is, our skin is actually a carrier! 


When our skin wrinkles after being immersed in the bathtub, it does so because it absorbed some of the water. The danger with this is that what our skin absorbs has greater health risks than what we eat.


When we apply toxins on our skin, we bypass the works of the liver and intestines, with that, the toxins go straight to our blood and our organs. Mainstream cosmetics manufactures along with industry regulators many times work against the consumer, creating regulations that excuse companies from listing their ingredients for the sake of trademark. With that, the customer does not know the ingredients they are applying on their skin, and even worse, what are the health implications that comes with applying toxins in our bodies.


In order to provide natural products with ingredients you understand, we took a lot of necessary steps to really hone our craft. We source only quality ingredients, our production process is designed to keep natural ingredients properties in the final product, and we are transparent with our customers listing all the ingredients we use in our website and packaging. 


When you decide to use Eden products, you can rest assured we pour all that dedication and hard work into every step we take. We’ve worked so hard to provide just what you're looking for!

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