Episode 25: Your Right To Freedom | A Study On Galatians

Episode 25: Your Right To Freedom | A Study On Galatians

Episode 25: Your Right To Freedom | A Study On Galatians

During the month of May we talked about the good news. We talked about how all humanity are born into sin because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Because of that we are born in bondage, in chains, without freedom. Long story short, those who believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and resurrected on the third day, were giving the right to be child of God. That’s the deal: have faith, become child of God. It’s not about what you do, which behaviors you have, but about the works of Christ and your faith in Him.

Most christians believe that when we receive Christ we die from our past life, but truth is we were already spiritually dead without Christ, and when we receive Christ we gain life, now and to eternity.

When the Bible say we die, it is because we die for our past chains. The sin we had no longer have power over us. We gain the strength of Christ to fight our earthly battles.

God created us to be both a material self and an immaterial self (let’s call it body and soul, just for the sake of this conversation). Before knowing Christ, our body is alive, but our soul is dead. We belong to this world, and to the master of this world. We are not free. We are actually controlled by our sins. But Christ bought us with the cross, and once we believe that truth, we no longer belong to Satan, we belong to Christ.

We become children of God. And with that we are free from sin, we are free to be someone new and let the old die. We are free to stop doing all the things we know we shouldn’t be doing, that doesn’t give us joy, but we can’t stop without the strength from Christ. We are free because we receive the power of the Holy Spirit.



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