Ep. 34: Have you invested in self-care recently?

Ep. 34: Have you invested in self-care recently?

Have you invested in self-care recently? It’s important to take time for yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup, but self care is so much more than bubble baths… as much we love bubbles, and baths!


That’s why we created ReCharge & ReCenter LIVE, and the Podcast!!! Every week our founder & CEO Fernanda Longo will bring you different ways of self-care that includes body and soul care, as physical health, mindset, habits, beliefs and emotions. We believe self care is letting go of toxic, and we are going to work on that together.


We recommend watching live on Wednesdays 11am (EST) on our social platforms, being on the livestream give you a chance to ask questions and get your response right away. But if you can’t make it live, you can listen to it in our Podcast or watch the replay on our Youtube channel. We don’t want you to miss on the opportunity to grow and live a healthy, happy and abundant life.


These 30 minutes a week is a form of self-care by encouraging you to slow down, ReCharge & ReCenter! 


Are you ready to put yourself first? Click HERE to watch on Youtube or listen on the Podcast.

Listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts: https://linktr.ee/fernandajlongo  

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