Are You Tired Of Having Chapped Lips?

Are You Tired Of Having Chapped Lips?

Whether you are an avid lover of beauty or just an everyday basic groomer, a lip balm is a must-have item, especially if you are prone to chap, dry lips. Winter and summer can be particularly brutal times of the year for most of our lips, and thus it’s always best to keep our pockets and purses stocked with positively conditioning lip treatments. Otherwise, you risk having peeling and even bleeding lips. There’s definitely nothing fun or sexy about that. However, not every lip balm out there delivers its promise to give you healthy, smooth, and kissable lips. If you’re still experiencing cracked or chapped lips despite trying out various lip treatments, it might be time to try an all-natural lip balm.

As the name suggests, natural lip balms, are made of only naturally-derived ingredients. This is unlike regular lip balms, which mostly contain synthetic ingredients such as alcohol, petroleum jelly, menthol, fragrance, artificial skin softeners, and other chemicals. These toxic lip balm ingredients can not only dry out your lips but also cause serious health issues. After all, there’s a high chance you will probably consume your lip balm when you eat and lick your lips. Not only your skin will absorb these toxins, some will end up in your stomach. A truly natural lip balm shouldn’t have a hint of any synthetic chemicals. Here at Eden Daily Essentials, our all-natural lip balms contain ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, and plant based butters as cocoa, mango and shea. These natural lip balms ingredients are not only safe for you to consume, but they are sure to make your lips happy.

Let’s talk about deep conditioning for your lips. As mentioned earlier, synthetic lip balms are unlikely to soothe your cracked, dry lips primarily due to the ingredients they have. While you may get temporary hydration, their shininess can intensify the effects of UV rays, resulting in drier lips. With natural lip balms, you are assured of a little shimmer and shine and soft, supple lips. For instance, our lip balms also contains beeswax, an ingredient commonly known for its immense moisturizing effects. Plus, it creates a barrier between your lips and the environment.

We also have tinted lip balms. They are perfect for the everyday basic groomer who isn’t very enthusiastic about lipsticks. Tinted lip balms especially come in handy if you are going from a basic day look since they come with a hint of color. They are still as moisturizing as our original lip balms, and all-natural colorants are used to give it the tint. So when you in the mood for a little colored shimmer and shine, our tinted all-natural lip balm will do.  

Last, we can’t forget about sustainability. Simple acts like using natural lip balms can go along way in helping us avert environmental destruction. That’s because, when you go for a natural lip balm, the ingredients can in no way harm the environment, whether it’s through how they are derived or manufactured. Take petroleum-based lip balms, for instance, which are inevitably unsustainable given that petroleum is derived by drilling into the earth. 

All in all, when it comes to choosing lip balms, all-natural lip balms are a no brainer. That’s because they moisturize your lips, but they are also much safer than artificial lip balms. So why not show your lips some love by setting aside some budget for an all-natural lip balm during your next shopping spree? Check out our “Lotions & Balms” page, plus our other beauty products, as with Eden Daily Essentials, you are guaranteed only the finest natural & skin loving ingredients. 

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