Become a Eden Ambassador


Eden Daily Essentials Affiliate Program


We are so happy you want to partner with us by becoming a Brand Ambassador. Here are the benefits of an Eden Ambassador:

- Your own link to share with friends, family and your audience, with 5% discount for them by using your link.

- Commission of 25% of all sales in your link.

- You will also receive 25% of commission on recurring subscriptions. That means if someone make a monthly or quarterly subscription purchase on your ambassador link, you will get 25% commission on that purchase monthly or quarterly (depending on the subscription your customer purchased). As long that customer keeps their subscription active, you will keep receiving commission on that sale (your ambassador account must be active as well). 

- When a customer is shopping at, a toolbar appears in the top of the store page saying “You are shopping with Fernanda Longo”

- When you are logged into Eden Daily Essentials website with your account (same email you use as an affiliate), you are able to easily share product links through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp

- You will be able to fill out the W9 formal on the Affiliate Portal. If you receive $600 or more in commission per calendar year you will have to fill out the W9 form.  

- You will receive 5% discount + 25% commission on your own purchases.

- We will be providing free Ambassador Training to help you learn more about the products and offers we have, so you can share confidently with your audience.

- You will have early access to new product launches, deals and sales.

- You will be included in the exclusive Brand Ambassador Newsletter.

- Commission payments will be made by PayPal every Friday, with commission for the sales of the week before (example: On Friday May 5th you will get paid for commission on sales made from May 22nd to May 28th).


What we expect from a Brand Ambassador?

- At least $100 in sales in your link per quarter (it can be either your own purchase or purchase of family, friends or anyone in your audience).
          Quarter 1: January through March
          Quarter 2: April through June
          Quarter 3: July through September
          Quarter 4: October through December
     If you do not have $100 in sales in your link on per quarter calendar period, your ambassador account will be disabled, you will lose your discount code as well as recurring commission on past subscription sales.
     Once your Ambassador Account is disabled, you have to wait 6 months to sign up again.
- Complete a W9 form for more than $600 a year in commission.
- Having a Paypal account as all commission payments are done exclusively by Paypal.
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Any questions? Email us