5 Tips To Help You Focus on Progress NOT Perfection

5 Tips To Help You Focus on Progress NOT Perfection

5 Tips To Help You Focus on Progress NOT Perfection

Are you a perfectionist? Are you nervous to try something new out of fear that you will not be the best at it? Today, we will take you through five simple steps you can use when setting out to master that next big goal! The key is progress, NOT perfection.   


First, set a goal and make a plan. Write down small steps you can take in a reasonable time frame that will advance you towards your end goal. These small bite-sized steps are attainable actions that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed. For example, you may want to transition to only using all-natural skincare and makeup products. Your goal is to have this done by next year, and your plan could be to switch out at least one of your skincare/makeup products every month for an all-natural alternative. After one year I will have switched over to 12 new all-natural products! Doesn’t it sound a lot more achievable if you break it down monthly than focusing on the yearly goal? 


Second, take imperfect action. Getting it done, is better than waiting to make it perfect. For example, maybe your goal was to eat healthy. You packed a healthy lunch, but forgot it at home. If eating fast food is your only option then pick one of the healthier items off the menu. A grilled chicken sandwich and a bottle of water is not what you had planned, but it’s way better than the double bacon cheeseburger with fries and coke that you used to eat. Progress not perfection!  


Third, don’t beat yourself up! This is especially important to remember after step number two.  If you slip up one day and have three drinks instead of just the one you had planned, do not dwell on your mistake. Forgive yourself and have a better plan for tomorrow. What if next time you plan to have a glass of water in between every cocktail? That will help you drink less (and also drink more water! Double win!). Progress will happen when you are looking ahead, not behind.   


Fourth, be grateful! You are blessed to be able to see that you can take control and improve your life. Acknowledging this fact is the best way to continue making progress. Make a commitment to say at least one thing you are grateful for every day related to your progress and your goals. We have so much to be grateful for! 


Fifth, celebrate small wins. When we celebrate wins we fill our body and mind with “happy” hormones! In return, we will want to continue our progress so that we get to continue celebrating. So pick a day of the week (Fridays are a great day for this) and celebrate any big OR small wins you had that week! 


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