What you really should know about your beauty products

What you really should know about your beauty products

Have you ever tried to read the ingredients in the back of your shampoo bottle? How about your bar of soap and lotions? The same way we should be conscious about what we eat, we should consider all that we put in our skin. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it absorbs everything into our organs and blood stream.

The US personal care industry is highly regulated but as of today it has only 11 chemicals banned from use, and more than 12,000 are approved for use. That really sounds like this ban is to protect the businesses and not for the benefit of the customer. Many studies show a large variety of approved ingredients could be connected to major chronic conditions on the rise in the world now – like fertility problems, thyroid conditions, diabetes, ADHD, allergies and other diseases like cancer. 

It’s very unfortunate that we have to see these negative impacts in our health before we, as a society, make changes. How many people had to die before it was proved that smoking caused cancer?

But… what can we do about it today? The change starts in our daily routine. We can start by reading all the ingredients in the products we use, and choosing to use toxin free products only. Toxin free products means the product is made without any natural or man-made poisons. Understanding what we apply on our skin and making educated decisions can and will have a huge impact in our health.

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