Are lotion bars any good?

Are lotion bars any good?

Have you ever tried a lotion bar? Sometimes called massage bars, these solid bars of nourishing oils and butters (all plant based!) melt into our skin upon application. There are several benefits of using a lotion bar instead of liquid lotions, and today I will share with you 3 benefits and how to apply it!


  1. Lotion bars doesn’t require containers. That means no plastic that goes to waste! Lotion bars are VERY sustainable and environment friendly.
  2. Water is NOT an ingredient. When you buy liquid lotion, you are paying for water and, most times, water is the number one ingredient. When you buy a lotion bar, you are putting 100% of your money in skin loving ingredients. 
  3. This third benefit I can only speak for myself and my brand, as I don’t have access to other brand’s product development, but most lotion bars are all natural (Eden’s are!). Our lotion bars are made with olive oil, shea butter and beeswax, all skin loving and sustainable ingredients. 




Lotion bars are very easy to use. You can rub into your dry skin directly, and it will melt upon application. Other option is to use after the shower, when your skin is still wet. You can use lotion bars both on your body and face.


Last, I want to share with you a special benefit of beeswax. It creates a barrier between our skin and the environment without clogging the pores. Most chemicals that create that barrier clog our pores, not allowing our skin to breath, causing pimples, whiteheads or blackheads. Beeswax creates the protection our skin needs naturally and allow it to breath, keeping it healthy and radiant at all times. 


You can watch our Youtube video on how I make our lotion bars here. If you would like to try any of our lotion bars, we have some available during our pre launch. Don’t forget to sign up here and get 15% off your first order before our official launch.

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