I bet you’d never guess the most important thing you need when making homemade soap!

I bet you’d never guess the most important thing you need when making homemade soap!

Making homemade soap sounds very fun, but it is very complex. Finding all the ingredients is the first battle, specially when you are on a hunt for natural and sustainable ingredients. Once you have the ingredients on hands, it’s craft time! But hold your horses… 

Do you have all the PPE? Wait, what?? Since when do we need PPE to do crafts? 

We would like to introduce you to sodium hydroxide, aka lye. 

Lye is the most important ingredient when making real soap. You can’t make soap without it, unless you are using a pre-made soap base that someone else made with (you guessed it!) lye, or you are using detergent (no thank you, ingredients to make detergent are very toxic even in the final product). 

Real soaps are made thru the saponification process, when lye water is mixed with oils, and as the soap cure, the water evaporates making a solid & natural bar of soap.

If you need a virtual representation of what sodium hydroxide can do to our skin, you can search on youtube “Fight Club movie sodium hydroxide” ;-)

Because of the dangers of sodium hydroxide, PPE is very important while making soap! This includes eye goggles, gloves, long sleeves and long pants. Also, it is recommended that no kids or pets are in the room. 

If you love handmade soap but don’t want to go thru the whole process of making it, you can check out our soaps here. We are a family owned and operated small business, we make our soaps with the best natural ingredients, here in Indiana - USA. You can also subscribe to our Youtube Channel and watch us making soap here.

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