The Secret Cosmetic Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know About Cancer

The Secret Cosmetic Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know About Cancer

We always hear that our skin is a barrier to protect our bodies, but that is not the truth. Our skin is actually a carrier! When our skin wrinkles after being immersed in the bathtub, it does so because it absorbed some of the water. The danger with this is that what our skin absorbs has greater cancer risk than what we eat.

Before we move forward we want to remind you that we strongly believe everyone should eat natural foods. But truth is that when we eat foods that has toxins, our body naturally filters these toxins first thru the intestines and then thru the liver. Our liver has the job to detoxify our body so we can eliminate most of the toxins we consume. 

When we apply toxins on our skin, we bypass the works of the liver and intestines, with that, the toxins go straight to our blood and our organs.

Mainstream cosmetics manufactures along with industry regulators do not want consumer to know this because keeping the regulations “on the side of” mainstream manufactures generates more money to these companies and all involved.

What can we do about that if the regulations are agains us? Here are 3 things we can do to reduce these toxins in our own lives:

1 - Read the labels of all products we use and have in our homes.

2 - “Marie Kondo” all the toxins from your personal care products (Yes, throw it away!).

3 - Replace your every day products with natural options.

We have a youtube video talking about this topic in more detail. Click here to watch it!

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